Pictures taken from the NBC Broadcasting Tower in Oshakati.

Information regarding the Tower :
Originally 245 meters were erected in 1976, the last 30 meter was "added" in 1995. The tower stands at 275 meters now. Used for NBC FM and TV transmissions with various private instances hiring space on it.

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Picture from ground level. Note the platfrom from where the pictures were taken from. NO, not where my hand is pointing... view the top part! Lars taking a picture of Mike and myself
Lost count of which section this was... Oshakati Hospital behind the water pool
Lars and me posing on the platform NOTE: The white dot in a triangle to Mike's feet - the car we travelled in... AMCOM Building and NBC accross the street Oshakati airport visible in the distance... Lars enjoying a Coke after the long climb Our camera man - Mike Hartwell
Carried my Camcoder for nothing - the recording button just died on me! Making a Cellphone call, it is so high the Cellphone registers as if the call was made from Ondangwa area.

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